Eoin Curran

"I couldn't take part in activities with my friends because of my sheer size"

Before I met Damien I was sceptical about achieving any kind of success. I had tried a million things and failed. I would always end up bigger and in worse shape. I was always self-conscious and basically just miserable.

I used to play a lot of competitive golf but by the time I started college walking 18 holes had simply become too much.

In the 7 months I have been working at Be Fit For Life, I have lost 64kg and I am now back on the golf course. I am able to do things I hadn’t been able to do for a long, long time. I wish I had done this years ago.

Before:       152kg

After:           88kg

141lbs Fat Loss

Eoin Curran

Mary Dillon

"I thought I'd never be one of those girls lucky enough to wear skinny jeans and flat shoes"

Before I started training with Be Fit For Life I would go to the gym five days a week. I did two bodypump classes and three 8km runs, and I ate a ‘well-balanced' diet - yet, I still had unsightly love handles, wobbly thighs and stomach.

I became very frustrated as I felt my body shape would stay the same no matter what I did.

Then I started reading Damien's articles in the Irish Independent each week. I liked his attitude and thought I'd give Be Fit For Life's Fitness Academy a go.

I am leaner than I've ever been before and than I ever thought I could be. The Fitness Academy classes are not only challenging and efficient with no time wasted.

Mary Dillon

  • Before 78kg 29% Body Fat

    After 67kg 14.6% Body Fat

  • Paula Higgins

    "I now know I don’t have to be fat for the rest of my days"

    My life was very different a year ago.

    I didn’t want to leave the house because I was so conscious of my weight. I couldn’t even enjoy going out with my friends because I had no self-confidence. I thought that I’d just have to accept that I would always be fat. My wake-up call came when I was minding my nephew. I struggled to keep up with him - he was only 9 months!

    Since joining Be Fit I have learnt to value my health. I now enjoy eating cleaner, exercising and having a goal to work towards.

    I have more confidence than ever and through the success I’ve had, I now know I don’t have to be fat for the rest of my days.

    Paula Higgins

  • Before 102 kg

    After 70kg

  • Conor Clifford

    "I knew I wouldn't live to 50, which is scary when you are only 36" 

    Before I came to Be Fit For Life I wasn’t able to play with my young daughter for more than a few moments before getting out of breath.

    I felt myself getting larger and larger. I knew I needed help at that stage, but I was still concerned about the cost. However, a friend of mine provided me a good viewpoint: ‘It’s significantly cheaper than bypass surgery!’ How right he was!

    My blood pressure dropped from 137/110 to normal (110/80). My total blood cholesterol dropped from 7.8 to 5.4. The money I used to spend on socialising I now invest in myself with training. I have lost 107lbs so far, which is over seven-and-a-half stone.

    Before:     132.5kg

    After:         84kg

    107lbs Fat Loss

    Conor Clifford

    John Mackey

    "I have gone from 13st 13 lbs to 12st and body fat from 22% to 12% "

    It hasn’t been easy- there were days I longed for ‘real food’ and days I wanted to tell Damien exactly what to do with the dumbbells. But it is with his knowledge, guidance and coercion and my determination that I reach the point you see in the ‘after’ photos.

    I have gone from 13st 13 lbs to 12st and body fat from 22% to 12%. Perhaps more importantly my blood pressure is normal and cholesterol is a very healthy 4.0.


    I feel and look leaner and stronger. I have more energy and I sleep much better. I feel more confident taking my top off on my sun holidays. And with Damien’s help I'll be one of the healthiest 49 year olds around!

    Before:  88kg  24% Bodyfat

    After:    76kg  12% Body Fat

    27lbs Fat Loss

    John Mackey

  • Before 13st 13lbs

    After 12st

  • Orla Maginn

    I don’t let anything get in my way of my training at Be Fit For Life. Before I met Damien I had been active – doing spinning, pump classes and walking for an hour a day. I also had what I thought was a healthy diet. So why was I overweight, lethargic and somewhat depressed?

     The day I had my interview with Damien I was so nervous and wondered what had I let myself in for. I knew from that moment on that Damien expected 100 per cent commitment from me. He got it. I had personal training three times a week and did interval training on two other days. I kept my food diary and followed all the nutrition advice. I owed it to myself to give it my best shot.

    Before:         78.7kg        28%

    After:             67kg          16%

    24lbs Fat Loss

     Gradually I began to feel fitter, healthier and leaner. But most importantly I began to like myself again.

  • Before 78.7kg

    After 67kg

  • Yvonne Hogan

    “Two years ago I lost 3 stone. I have never been happier or healthier and you can do it too. “

    I finished my masters after two sedentary years and was shopping for something for my graduation. I grabbed the dresses I liked in my usual size 10 and a 12, just in case and went to try them on. I left with a size 14.

    That motivated me to seek out a personal trainer. With Damien’s help I went down a dress size after only the first few weeks. I lost inches from all over my body – I went from the first to the fourth hole in my belt.


    But the best part was buying my first pair of nice jeans.Buying my first pair of nice jeans was a real milestone. The perfect reward for losing 32lbs of fat!

    Before 81.3kg 30.4% body fat

    After   65.7kg 16.2% body fat


  • Before 81.3kg

    After 65.7kg

  • Niamh Sterzl


    It took me months to build up the courage to finally go for a consult with Damien. I remember the fear – what if I fail, what if I don’t finish, what if?

    From the first session I did everything he told me to do – he was the expert and I needed to trust him.

    Within weeks I was wearing smallersized clothes. We all have one of those boxes in the attic containing clothes that “I’ll get back into some day”. Well that day had arrived!

    Exercise has brought other huge changes – I now wake up every morning knowing I can cope with the day ahead, no matter what it throws at me.

  • Before 95.5 kg 42% Body fat

    After 71kg 20% Body fat

  • Martin Mc Dermott

    Before: 80.9kg 23.9% Body Fat

    After: 73.7kg 10.2% Body Fat

    My cut-price gym left me feeling demotivated.

    I wanted a better physique so I did what most peopledo – I joined a big box gym. Not one in fact, I actually joined two! But there was no consistency to my training and no accountability. Plus whenever I did make it to the gym it was always so crowded. I took the cheaper option because I thought I would save money but I would have been better off investing in myself. My cut-price gym just left me feeling bored and demotivated. Results are a main focus at Be Fit. Since joining I’ve lost 26lbs of fat and feel so much better. Access to advice and knowledge, meeting new people, seeing my body change is pretty motivating.This has been exactly what I needed and it’s certainly the best thing I’ve done in the last couple of years.

  • Before: 80.9kg 23.9% Body Fat

    After: 73.7kg 10.2% Body Fat

  • Helen Carroll

    “ I took my health for granted”

    Before:            77kg 27% Body Fat

    After:              65kg 16.9% Body Fat

    I had always been blessed with good health. Besides, as a self-employed business owner I couldn’t afford to get sick. As I headed towards my 50’s I decided to take stock. I also realized, around this time, that I wasn’t invincible after all when I was hospitalized with a suspected brain tumour. When I left hospital I vowed never to take my excellent health for granted again and now nothing gets in the way of my training.

    I realize that for me to function and for my family to thrive, it is an essential part of our lives.


  • Before 77kg 27% Body Fat

    After 65kg 16.9% Body Fat

  • Paul Carroll

    “I’m in the best shape of my life”

    Before: 107kg    33% body fat

    After: 82kg   13% body fat

    Fat Loss – 55 lbs

    Even though I have a disc problem in my back I’ve managed to stay training and injury free thanks to Damien’s expertise and knowledge. While I used to be fairly disciplined about my training the same couldn’t be said for my diet. Damien quickly taught me how to make the right food choices but perhaps even more importantly he showed me how important it is to be consistent if you want to see results. Damien’s passion inspired me to really push myself to reach my goals. But when you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape, there’s no point sugar coating it – a no nonsense approach works best.

    Paul Carroll


  • Before: 107kg 33% body fat

    After: 82kg 13% body fat

  • Pauline Fitzsimons

    Weight Loss was crucial for me, I was going to die if I didn’t take action.

    I neglected myself for years. I was focused on my career and children and allocated no time for myself. I was morbidly obese, over 19 stone...

    Weight loss was essential for me to improve my health.

    Then I realised that my physical well-being had a direct impact on my children, so not bothering with myself was actually selfish rather than selfless. The right exercise in conjunction with nutrition coaching showed me that I could succeed with weight loss by taking it slowly, one step at a time.

    Now I’ve achieved a level of health and fitness I never imagined possible on my weight loss journey, which has also inspired me in other areas of my life.

    In total I lost 57kg on my weight loss mission!


    Pauline Fitzsimons

    Before: 121kg

    After: 64kg


    Jo Byrne

    The first thing I learnt at Be Fit For Life was that everything I had learnt before was not only never going to get me the results I wanted but also, given my health issues, was doing me more harm than good.

    When I first came to Be Fit For Life I was looking for a miracle. I wanted an exercise plan, where I would remain on my low-fat diet which, like most women, I falsely believed was the quickest/ only way to lose weight. How wrong I was.

    The first thing I learnt was that everything I had learnt before was not only never going to get me the results I wanted but also, given my health issues, was doing me more harm than good.

    I was eating too little to lose weight. Yes too little.

    I am now eating four times the food I was eating and I’ve lost 20 kilos. If I was to draw an analogy to explain the thought process that made me decide that Be Fit For Life was the way forward it would be, if you needed financial advice you would go to an accountant or financial advisor, if you needed legal advice you would go to a solicitor.

    So why, if you need health and fitness advice and you are serious about making a change, would you only join a gym or one of those weight-loss groups? Yes you’ll get some level of results but without addressing the underlying reason why you ended up in this position in the first place, you will return to your old ways.

    Maybe not today or tomorrow but the bad habits will creep back in.

    In order to achieve sustainable loss you need to make sustainable changes. They don’t happen overnight. It’s been step changes all the way.Be Fit, through Damien’s guidance, have looked at my food plan and painstakingly analysed what is best for my health and fitness level at every stage throughout my journey.

    It’s constantly evolving as I progress. My gym routines are also tailored to take into account injuries while still challenging my body.

    None of this is easy. It takes commitment and a decision to finally do something for yourself.

    It’s a very Irish thing and female thing to think you are doing the best for the people in your life by always putting them first. In fact the opposite is true.

    If you are looking after your own health, you have the energy, drive and passion for all the different elements in your life.



  • 20kg