Be Fit For Life has empowered over 1200 clients to lose over 31,000 lb’s + of fat through tailored results based fitness and nutrition programmes

Be Fit For Life Transformation Centre has been recognised as the “Best Results Based Personal Fitness Solution” in Ireland.

Dedicated to helping men and women
over forty reclaim their health

We’re dedicated to helping men and women over forty who have been inactive for a number of years reclaim their health, vitality and mobility which may have been lost due to focusing time on family life, relationships and career growth. Be Fit For Life exists to change lives. We exist to help people like you, who have been inactive and who struggle with weight loss, joint pain, mobility, flexibility and decreasing energy levels. We cater to people who have never been in a gym before, and to those people who need to upgrade their workout experience because they are tired of guessing what they should be doing both inside and outside the gym to get results.Hi, my name is Damien Maher. As a former professional footballer, Fitness Expert, best selling author and having being involved in the fitness industry for nearly twenty years, I became increasingly frustrated at the poor standards in the fitness industry. The Big Box gyms do not cater for the mature market’s health challenges.

People over 40 find that their specific needs are not being addressed in other typical fitness facilities. The young inexperienced trainers do not possess the knowledge in training, nutrition and rehabilitation that is necessary to help them achieve their goals. I know because I was one of them. As a young coach I became frustrated that I did not have the solutions to your problems so I embarked on a mission to travel the world to learn and intern with the leading experts in training, nutrition, fat loss, medical fields, supplementation and in injury and rehabilitation.

I recognised that people over 35 were now accepting that heart and blood pressure medications, life threatening diseases and even a lack of mobility and joint pain were inevitable signs of aging and so I founded Be Fit For Life.Be Fit For Life exists to provide a solution for the more mature clients. Be Fit ForLife provides a friendly upscale facility with professional experienced personal trainers to help such clients who struggle with their health and fitness goals and
who cannot find the answers they need to be successful in other typical fitness facilities.At Be Fit For Life our coaches answer their calling in life. We work hard each day to educate and empower our members with tools and skills to change their lifestyle habits, alter their body composition so they can Be Fit at Forty and Beyond.Fitness is not just a phase you go through in your youth or a 4-week rapid fat loss programme you participate in your forties. Being physically fit and active is what is going to let you get the most out of every stage of your life. If you want to Be Fit at Forty and Beyond, and not just add years to your life but to add life in those years, call us today and meet us where we can work on a strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Meet The Team

Jan Kelly
Manager and Personal Trainer

“I realized that I had let my life take control of me instead of me taking control of my life.”

It was around my 40th birthday that I realized that I was not happy with my current body shape. How did I get so unfit and dare I say it – fat. My dress size had been progressively getting larger until I was buying size 16.

I realized that I had let my life take control of me instead of me taking control of my life. I used to keep fit by playing hockey, running and going to the gym but then the challenge of juggling three children and a full time career as an accountant got in the way.

I tried a few diets and then weight watchers and when these didn’t work for me I decided to get back to the gym. I tried running and spinning classes in an effort to shed the excess weight. I did manage to lose a few pounds but then the weight loss stopped and with it my enthusiasm

I knew I needed someone to help me devise a plan to achieve my goal and to hold me accountable, which is where Damien came in. I learned that weight training was far superior to continuous aerobic exercise for transforming my body shape. I also learned the importance of nutrition and the huge influence it has on my ability to perform both at work and in the gym. No amount of training will counteract the negative impact of a bad diet.

Health and fitness have become an important part of my life. Since my weight loss journey over 10 years ago, I have become a coach in Be Fit For Life. I help my clients through their weight loss journey using the tried and tested methods of the Be Fit For Life philosophy because I know they work. I followed the plan and got the result I wanted. I feel a lot better at fifty two than I did at forty.

Today I coach many clients in their 40’s, 50’s, and a few even in their 60’s and 70’s who are in better shape now than they were 20 years ago. They do not accept age as a limitation to transforming their body shape and keeping mobile and flexible. If you too would like to reverse the signs of ageing contact us at Be Fit For Life.


Damien Maher
Founder Of Be Fit For Life, Body Transformation Specialist


“Be Fit For Life was Born out of the frustration that 9 Out of 10 People Join A Gym To Lose Weight But Only 1% Are Successful”

That was the statistic that alarmed Damien when he began his fitness apprenticeship in a Big Box Gym nearly twenty years ago.

He became frustrated with the poor standards that he witnessed all around him in the fitness industry. Some coaches in these Big Box Gyms saw their jobs not as a profession but as a stop gap until they got a “real job”.

While the clubs themselves were purely focused on sales numbers, the members were a seen as a unit, who didn’t have a name but a time slot.

Damien could see why these members were unsuccessful in their attempts at weight loss. They lacked the motivation to train and when they did train, they were inconsistent in their attendance because the gym provided no accountability to ensure the members did what they said they would.

The training style of the Big Box Gyms was a cookie-cutter approach, one size fits all, regardless of your previous injury history, training experience or your individual goals.

Damien was passionate about getting results for the clients he coached but he found the education in Ireland in physical health, nutrition, injury and rehabilitation to be sub-standard.

So he embarked on a mission to learn and intern with the world’s leading experts in training, nutrition, fat loss, medical fields, supplementation and in injury and rehabilitation.

His key requirement of these mentors was that they had a proven track record coaching world champions, Olympic medalists, and had demonstrated that what they preached worked.

So Damien combined all this knowledge, along with all valuable experience he’d gained as a professional footballer, and devised the Be Fit For Life formula which is based on hard work, discipline and planning.

What sets Damien apart from other coaches is his pursuit of continuous education. Don’t just take our word for it. In addition to the hundreds of transformations he has achieved for his clients, he is also a best-selling author and media commentator, and has come to be known as Ireland’s no. 1 expert in the field of fat loss and nutrition.


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