Do You Feel Nervous About Joining A Gym?

Joining a gym is one of the biggest fears people experience when they are thinking of starting a fitness plan. A Dublin personal trainer should be able to give you structure and a strategy to help you feel more confident when you start training.

As a Dublin Personal Trainer, I understand what it feels like to feel nervous when you begin your journey in a gym.

Following major hip surgery in 2013, I had to start from the bottom, learning the fundamentals of movement.

Like learning how to walk again.

Here is a video of my first steps 2 days post surgery.

My journey gave me a totally different perspective of entering a Dublin gym as a total beginner again.

It also gave me a better understanding of the people I train and the challenges they face when beginning a fitness programme.

I started looking at the role I play as an exercise professionals and also the role of a Dublin personal trainer and gym instructors.

Maybe the entire idea in enticing people to start a fitness programme is all wrong.

Maybe, trainers, are the problem and not the solution they think they are because many people like you are afraid to join a gym or fitness centre.
Maybe the beliefs of a Dublin Personal Trainer and their attitudes are creating a barrier, preventing people getting fit?
Perhaps, trainers should press pause and question the fears and frustrations of men and women who are reluctant to step inside a gym?
You may feel uncomfortable taking the first step in joining a gym or embarking on a fitness programme for a number of reasons.

The number of questions you ask yourself before deciding whether to take the plunge may vary:
“Will I be able?”
“Will I be the biggest one there?”
“Everyone that goes to a gym is in shape, so will I stand out?”
If you have been afraid to step inside a gym, I understand how you feel.
In Dec 09th 2013, I had major hip surgery. I felt the same way most gym newbies feel when they enter a gym. A lifetime of playing competitive sports from a young age to a professional level came at a cost and my journey in rehabilitation came with some great lessons.
I went from being the most experienced trainer in the gym to being a complete novice and having to re-learn all the basics of movement again.
There are things you take for granted, like walking.
It took me three months to learn how to walk properly.
Here are some of the lessons I learned on my journey.
You may believe that everyone that goes to a gym is in shape. That is a myth. People that go to train are on a different stage of their journey or they are chasing different goals.

In the gym, just as in life, you are not competing with the other people in the gym.
If you asked 20 people to define fitness and their goals, you will get 20 different answers. Perhaps the biggest benefit of fitness is one we never discuss with anyone and that is quality of life.

Your goal, in starting a fitness programme, is to Be Fit For Life. That life is yours. Being unfit will steal a majority of the special moments of being alive that you would like to cherish with your spouse, children, family and friends.
When you start in fitness, set a goal that is process orientated in habits rather than outcome orientated in weight loss.

“I will train three times per week” as opposed to “I will lose weight per week.” When the habits compound with consistency, the results will come.
Seek to be a better version of yourself than you were the week before. The key is to focus on progress each week, not perfection. There is no such thing as perfect in fitness, and it doesn’t matter if you are currently out of shape as long as you are a work in progress.
My wish for you is to gain the courage to start a fitness programme, seek a coach you trust, and become the person you always knew you could be. Fitness will be the tide that lifts all the other ships in your life but you need to step aboard for the ship to set sail.