Some Dundrum gyms cost a lot, but they are worthwhile because they are just that good! The reason they are so good is that they are about more than just a room full of exercise equipment. They also deliver expert trainers and an enthusiastic bunch of friendly gym-goers, in addition to offering a number of fun extracurricular activities that help promote a healthy lifestyle – physically and mentally.

Dundrum gyms are not everyone’s cup of tea. They can seem costly, intimidating and impersonal to beginners who hoped this hulk of a building would unlock the mystery of “how to lose weight” and “how to improve one’s physical fitness levels.” It’s estimated that as few as one-quarter of people who sign up at Dundrum gyms actually use their memberships enough to make it all worthwhile. Unfortunately, many people slip between the cracks because they are utterly and totally alone on their weight loss journeys.


Dundrum gyms were originally designed to be communal gathering places where people could expend energy, meet up with their neighbors and socialize. Gym members knew that their friends would be there waiting for them, so it was an added incentive to squeeze physical activity into their schedules. These regular social hours become a motivating factor for many local residents. When this vibe is combined with the knowledge and expertise of educated personal trainers who strive to motivate the groups even further, there is no limit to what Dundrum exercisers can achieve.

Retirees and senior citizens, in particular, can feel isolated and shut off from the rest of the world once they leave the workforce. Dundrum gyms are a great cure. New members get a tour, a fitness assessment, nutrition counseling and access to fun group fitness classes. Many people are trying new “boot camp” style workouts, which include easy movements like jumping jacks, squats and lunges to produce amazing weight loss results. After they leave their Dundrum gyms, they may go out to eat together, take a grocery store tour, garden together, or participate in races and charity walkathons.

More and more, people are finding that traditional Dundrum gyms just won’t do. Big box facilities can be overcrowded and it’s easy to feel lost there. Instead, people want a facility that forms a close-knit community of people who want to lead longer, healthier lives and have fun while getting fit. According to local members, it’s a non-threatening environment to meet new people, get started on fitness goals and try new fitness activities.