There is no easy option, success is only found behind the door marked ‘hard’

Tim Ferriss wrote a best-selling book last year called The 4-Hour Work Week. In it, Ferriss encouraged people to look for opportunities to build passive income which would reduce your working hours. If you accomplished this, it would free up the time to fulfil your dreams, like Ferriss, who managed to learn the tango in Argentina and compete in martial-arts competitions in Asia.

The definition of passive means something for nothing but it is interesting to note that the wealthiest people in the world didn’t become wealthy passively. They all engaged in their business and worked every day to build their wealth.

The idea of a four-hour working week is a very appealing idea, but if you are in business it will only work if your competitors work a two-hour working week.


What about relationships? Would you find a passive relationship inspiring? If you never have to work at it or change it, it will become monotonous and boring. Remember, the definition of passive is something for nothing. If we label something passive, then that will become the experience.

So it always brings a smile to my face when I see different companies offering time-saving ways of obtaining health passively. And the promotion of passive fitness becomes amplified around Christmas.

There are MBT shoes, which promise to activate your muscles by walking and apparently firm and tone your legs and bum.

Before these there was Slendertone, which stimulates our muscles and tones us up, even while sitting on the couch watching soap operas.

Then there is the Fit-flop, which has a “gym” built into it. Apparently the mid-section of the sole creates instability to increase leg-muscle activation.

Let’s not forget the Power Plate. Training on a power plate is like training during an earthquake. I have witnessed gym members have a power-plate workout whilst they read their book.

There are different pathways to success and the door that is marked ‘easy’ is rarely the door behind which you will find the success you crave. It is the door that is marked ‘hard’ that is rarely opened and the few who do venture are in the one per cent of people who get results.


Warren Buffett, the second wealthiest man in the world, does not increase his wealth on a four-hour working week and as success leaves clues, maybe we should learn from his actions. He has a strategy to build his wealth and he works at it every day.

Now think of your health like a merry-go-round. If you push it, is that a passive action? Did you expend energy in pushing it? It moves a bit when you push it and then it starts to pick up pace but to keep it moving it requires less energy as you now have leverage.

I believe in leveraging your activities for the success you want. What happens to the merry-go-round if you put your hands in your pocket? It will stop. The same will happen to your health, wealth and your relationships if you don’t work at them. Everything will gather mould if untouched and eventually will deteriorate. If you don’t use muscle, you lose muscle.

If you were told you had the opportunity to play golf with Tiger Woods in 12 months’ time, what would you do? You can study psychology and get your mind right and buy the best golf clubs and shoes money can buy, but when the time comes you won’t be able to hit the ball right.

Or else you can do what successful businessmen and people who have obtained success in health and fitness have done. You learn the skills and the tools, as well as the psychology, and this will be the recipe for success.

You train and work hard and get a mentor and practice daily.

You might be nervous on the day you go to play Tiger but you will be able to hit the ball right because you have learned the appropriate skills and you can give a good account of yourself.

The tools and skills you need are weight-training and sprinting or modified strongman-type training. Your time is leveraged as the post-exercise calorie consumption of a tough workout like this lasts for 48-72 hours.

In comparison, when you have finished your walk, you have finished burning energy.

If you approached a member of the Dragons’ Den with the desire to create passive wealth you would be laughed at. The same is true of passive health.

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