Changing your body in appearance on the inside and the outside is a lifetime habit. You need to an artistic eye and an open mind to become the best you can be. Just as Michelangelo carved David from marble, you can carve your body from weights, intervals, food and sleep. And you to pay close attention to proportions of your body so it stays in balance and the portions of your food so you stay in shape. The planning and execution of the carving of David took 40 years. That masterpiece didn’t happen overnight and neither will yours. Diseases don’t manifest overnight either. However, as long as you are consistently moving in the right direction, your work of art will come. There will be times you don’t seem to be making any progress. Likewise, there will be days when you would rather drink beer or wine and watch football with your mates than get under a bar and squat or train till your legs turn to jelly. You won’t get the body you desire unless you make it a priority.

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