If you find yourself wanting to bring physical and mental change to your life but seem to end up in the same routine, it’s time to find better motivation.

The physical transformation of someone’s body shape is something that I find easy to do. A specific exercise programme and nutritional recommendations can burn fat, shed pounds and dramatically change a person’s life.

When clients implement these changes, their increase in energy and vitality can revolutionise their lives and the physical transformation can increase confidence and self-esteem, leading to an improvement in relationships and careers.

Create change

The problem is that not everyone implements the changes they know they should. Everyone knows that you should be eating fresh, healthy food and exercising to improve health and to reduce weight, but not everyone does it. It is also known that the more weight — or specifically fat — a person is carrying, increases the risk of cardiovascular heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Fat stores toxins so the more body fat you have, the more toxic your body is.
So with all this available knowledge, why might you be reluctant to make positive lifestyle changes to increase your longevity? Why do you start an exercise programme, or initiate nutritional changes, only to quit and feel like a failure three weeks later?

You may lack the motivation and say you don’t have the time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and the busiest man on the planet, US President Barrack Obama, can make time for exercise so why can’t you?
In order to understand the way you act and behave, and to find what truly inspires you, start deciding exactly what you’d love in your life; start discovering your values.
These can be expressed in all or just a few of the seven areas of life: spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social and physical.

To be able to determine the hierarchy of your own value system, you must analyse your day-to-day activities. Ask yourself how you fill your space and investigate the places where you spend the most time. Identify themes and common elements.
Understand that whatever is prevalent in your living, working, and recreational spaces, gives you the first clue to your values.

A home filled with photographs doesn’t necessarily mean an appreciation of photography, but what’s pictured in the photos will give you an idea of what’s important to you. So ask yourself, what do these things I’ve chosen to surround myself with mean to me?

The next task is to rank them in order of importance to you. The values at the top of your list will resemble where you have order and discipline. You don’t need any incentive or motivation to carry out these tasks. They are normally scheduled in your diary. Your schedule never lies and so one look at a person’s diary will give you an idea of what is important to them and where they spend their time and energy.

In areas of your life where you are not in control, you will be overpowered by someone else. If you are not in control of your health, a doctor or hospital will take over the responsibility for it. If you are not in control of your finances, the banks will repossess your house or penalise you with more interest for repayments until you appreciate them more. If you are not in control of your relationship, you run the risk of your partner leaving you for someone else.

Your goal should be to empower yourself in all areas of your life. So if health and well-being are not high on your list of values, but family and relationships are, you must align the benefits of health with how it will improve your family life.
It is common for me to hear from the obese businessman that his family and his relationships are very important to him. My question then is, how are you helping your family when you run the risk of heart disease and the possibility of a shorter lifespan because of your excess body weight?

Take charge

In his business life he excels but fails to use the same principles of success — hard work, preparation, dedication and discipline — in health that have made him successful. He fails to see the correlation.

If his staff turned up at infrequent times and days in their employment, they would be sacked as they would fail to execute their jobs. So what makes him think he would achieve success in fitness by following a guerrilla-tactic method of training, attacking and then retreating into the hills?

Strength coaches and personal trainers provide the discipline, knowledge and accountability that you may need to accomplish your success. All too often I have witnessed friends’ holidays dictated by their spouse’s choice. Sun holidays are a thing of the past as their partners feel insecure in exposing their flesh on the beach in front of their peers.
Their lack of confidence would be a thing of the past if they engaged in a health and well-being programme, and their relationships would also prosper.

We all have choices. You can choose to be in the greatest shape of your life, or you can choose to be a fraction of the person that you were born to be. The decision is yours.

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