Keeping track of what you eat is one of the easiest secrets to fat loss success I can think of. If it makes you think twice about what you are consuming than it is worth it. The diary should consist of the foods and the times you eat, the details of your fluid intake and also your sleeping patterns. These details will enlighten you to your eating habits and why you are not making progress in your body-shape. You should be analysing your intake of water, alcohol or caffeine and also noticing if there are any long gaps between your meals. Georgia University conducted a study looking at the affects of eating one meal a day with a total caloric intake equal to the other test subjects eating six smaller meals a day. The one meal a day group’s body went into fat storing mode as the body was unable to break down the excess calories. The other group kept fuelling the flames of metabolism by eating little and often. It should be noted that Sumo Wrestlers skip breakfast and eat one meal a day with a massive caloric intake. By eating regularly you will be controlling your blood sugar levels much better hence this can reduce your sweet cravings.

You have to understand that you have the key to uncovering road-blocks to fat loss in your hands. You can either take the time to write out your diary or you can make excuses and say you remember it but oral food diaries are not worth the paper they are printed on. If you cannot understand where your problems lay you need to reach out for someone who can help you. When you have to present your food diary for inspection to a peer or your personal trainer you will be less likely to be caught with your hand in the cookie jar and you may just achieve the results that your training deserves.

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