The number one stumbling block to weight loss is lack of sleep. Lack of Sleep Disturbs our blood lipid profiles, our ability to metabolise sugar, testosterone production to build fat burning muscle and it can also raise your blood pressure. A poor quality of sleep can disrupt our immune function and our memory so it is important to start dimming the lights at least 1.5 hours before bed to increase melatonin production. There are different nutraceuticals and vitamins to improve sleep but the easiest change to make is to set up the bat cave in your bedroom.

The rules of the Bat cave are:

  1. No cell Phones (Battery Out) Increases Radiation and magnetic fields affect sleep as well increasing the stress hormone cortisol
  2. No Portable Phones
  3. Make sure the room is pitch black- As the room gets darker it increases melatonin production.
  4. Unplug all electrical equipment- Reduces the electrical field
  5. Take TV out of bedrooms
  6. In hotels, use bath maths and eye masks to block light.

Apply these simple rules and you’re sleep can be greatly improved and with it your body composition.


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