If you really want to achieve a major goal, you need to get out of your comfort zone and unearth the emotional reasons behind your desire to change

The determination and motivation to achieve a desired goal, such as weight loss, will depend on the reasons why you want achieve it. In my line of work I witness many people exercising but see very few people training.

There is a difference. Those who exercise train with no purpose, hoping that some day the results they wish for will eventually happen for them.

Meanwhile, those who train do so with intensity, with a willingness to go beyond their comfort zone, when their exercise session challenges them both physically and mentally.

That is the mindset of someone destined to change. That is the mindset of a winner and winners don’t wait for things to happen, they make them happen.

Your decision to train at an intense level will be directly proportionate to how important you value your goal. If you want to change your body shape but you rate health outside your top five values (family, health, career, friendships, wealth) then I am afraid that very little change will happen to your body.

It is all very well to think that you rate health as a top priority but actions speak louder than words. How highly you rank your health will be reflected in your weekly schedule.

Another factor that will influence your motivation is the people who you interact with on a daily basis. The people you surround yourself with will either act as anchors to drag you down, or role models to inspire you. People who are anchors are comparable to vampires. Their criticism and negativity will suck the energy and enthusiasm from you, leaving you unable to fulfil your ambitions.

This is not always intentional. Sometimes their actions are a result of fear that you will leave them behind as you search for a better life.

Imagine you are the owner of two dogs: one dog always reacts to you in a positive way, while the other dog reacts negatively. Dogs grow stronger depending on how often and how much you feed them. If you focus on negative thoughts like I will never be slim — “look at the size of my hips” — then you are feeding the negative dog.

If you were to ask yourself a better question — “what do I need to do to slim my thighs?” — you will get a better answer and then you are feeding the positive dog. Ask better questions and get better results.

Whichever dog is fed the most will grow to be the strongest.

So will you surround yourself with people aligned to helping you attain your goals through training, encouragement and healthy food choices? Or will you entertain thoughts that the recession, genetics and the weather are out to rob you of your dream body shape?

In order to achieve a major goal, you must take the time to determine why it is your major goal. If your goal is to lose 20lbs of weight, you should list 50 implications of how achieving this goal will improve your life.

The first five reasons will be easy but when you have to dig deep into your mind for the remaining 45, you will unravel emotional reasons for your desire to change. I have said before that emotion triggers motion and as you delve deeper, the fuel and energy for training hard will be revealed.

When you have discovered the real reason behind your goal it will be easier to plan to make sure you attain those goals.

There are many people who talk a good game about fitness but their video rarely matches their audio.
To change your body shape takes hard work and discipline. To accomplish this you need the determination of a bulldog, and a reason to change.

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