Is there a right shape for summer, it’s that shape that makes you happy.  Anna Coogan enlists the help of two experts who know how to help you get just that.

SUMMER is fast aproaching, but there’s no need to panic – yet – about looking and feeling your best during the sunshine months ahepad Nutritionist Miriam Gormally and fitness expert Damien Maher are here to offer both tips and motivation forgetting into better shape and health.

Miriam and Damlen will speak at the Caroe Diem Mind, Body and Spirit Festival to be held in Curracloe House in Wexford from 25-27 April. Activities are all designed to suit different levels of fitness.  To reserve a space, call Lou on 086 8061810 or email [email protected]


Damien Maher, Professional Stregth CoachPersonal trainer Damlen Maher has worked in the fitness Industry for 14 years, and holds a higher diploma in neuromuscular therapy. He is also a lifestyle consultant.

He says, the quest for fitness has to start somewhere, but the problem for the majority of people is that they don’t know where to start. What happens is that procrastination leads to a dampening of enthusiasm.  Problems with a lack of time or a lack of knowledge or a lack of willpower overwhelm people. Well, summer is nearly upon us and if you are not looking: forward to wearing a bikini with your current body shape, it is time to take action and take part in a bikini blitz

Age is irrelevant:

It is Important to maintain your health regardless of your age and it’s never too late to start. It’s not age that makes you inactive, it’s inactivity that makes you age.

Set goals

Get specific and set goals. The goals should be “SMART'” – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely- with a starting: and ending time.  So if It is fat loss, how much fat do you want to lose and in what time frame? Is it realistic and achievable? How much time can you spend? The reality is that many people spend more time planning their holidays than their health. People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.

Start – take action

Now that you have goals, realise that you are l00pc responsible for where you find yourself today and you can change it.  Say to yourself, if it’s going to be it’s up to me.  The most important thing is that you must start and take action.   A personal trainer or coach will make you accountable.  If your willpower starts to wane, a training partner or team can make it more fun. They must be as committed as you and this should be treated as a serious relationship.

The Kaizen Principle

The Kaizen principle represents a Japanese belief for constant and never-ending improvement. Record your progress so you have proof as you improve.


Nutritionist Miriam Gormally has worked In the Burren Yoga Centre for the past five years, teaching detox courses and preparing food for a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle. She is also a sports fanatic and plays volleyball for Ireland.  Miriam’s top tips are;

Begin your regime by adding healthy treats to your day: Start with positive goals. Make a list of all the healthy things that you like and your new spring regime can focus on not giving anything up, but rather on making sure you include at least three of your tasty healthy treats every day. Before you know it your body will actually start craving the healthy options.

Stay hydrated: Develop the habit of carrying: a water bottle with you so you can sip throughout the day. Herbal teas and drinks are also tasty alternatives and many of them have additional health benefits, such as extra vitamins from the herbs. Avoid carbonated drinks, which don’t hydrate all well, and sugary drinks.

Have quick and healthy food in stock, so if you come home hungry you can reach for something good for you: Good things to have in stock are wholegrain pastas, rice noodles and couscous, which all make a good base for a quick meal. Adding: pesto to pasta makes a great dish; stir fried vegetables, bean sprouts and soy sauce makes a meal of rice noodles; while lime juice, onions, tomatoes, peppers and a tin of chickpeas complete couscous and it takes no time at all.

Learn at least one delicious salad dressing to make good food interesting and tasty: The right dressing will bring out the best in any vegetable. Experiment with oil, vinegars, lime juice, nuts, seeds, linger, garlic, mustard, honey, fruit, herbs and spices to make a dressing that is delicious and better yet, uniquely you.

We all love chocolate, but go for the good stuff, -and keep making it darker.  Chocolate isn’t all bad for you – but what isn’t good for you is the huge amount of refined sugar most bars contain. So every time you reach for a bar, pick something darker. It will satisfy your cravings quicker and has less of the bad stuff.

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