Has your chance of wearing something hot at this year’s Christmas party taken a tumble after a year of over indulgence? Luckily, there’s still time to shift some of those lumps and bumps and turn heads again this year.

The time of year is upon you to sweat! Are you thinking exercise? I’m thinking more of the sweat and anxiety you’ll feel every time you think about the Christmas parties in the not-too-distant future — and the dress you’ll have to squeeze into.

There’s no way you will be able to hide your latest lumps and bumps under an overcoat. Your gradual weight gain of the last 12 months will be witnessed by significant others or co-workers who haven’t seen you since last year’s party. The scales tell some of the story, and the lack of tone in your arms shows that you are a victim of creeping obesity.

The over indulgence of the summer and nights out following the recent Rugby World Cup have taken their toll. So what can you do? Here are some ideas:

  • Dr Robert Krakowsky believes that 99pc of the population are hydrochloric-acid deficient. This is important because when you are low in HCL, your brain ages quickly as you can’t absorb minerals B6, B9 and B12.
  • You must rebuild your gastro-intestinal tract. Think of your GI tract as a plastic bottle. Holes form in it due to eating multiple foods you are allergic to, drinking alcohol and suffering stress. This leaky gut can cause brain fog, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. It will prevent you from losing weight.
  • Bread soaks and retains water, so if you are allergic to wheat you will soak up weight like a sponge when you eat bread.
  • Carry out structured interval training and avoid cardio work. You’ll plateau after eight weeks of cardio — it increases body fat in stressed individuals and reduces the hormone testosterone that builds muscle to burn fat.
  • Supplement your diet with omega-3 fish oil. Fish oil is the primary supplement for health improvement and disease prevention.  It helps restore overweight people’s gut health and increases the happy hormone seratonin, which means you will be less likely to cheat.
  • Take a multi-nutrient formula. When you reduce fat, you release toxins into your system.
  • Take extra magnesium. It improves insulin sensitivity and sleep quality. If you don’t sleep, you won’t lose weight!
  • Drink Green and Red drinks as they will balance out the acid and alkaline in your body. Make sure they are 70pc organic, grain free and alfalfa free.
  • Get your bio-signature modulation done by a certified strength coach.

Dropping a dress size will not be easy — but neither will taking off your overcoat at a Christmas party to face your peers if you haven’t put in the effort.

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