Fitness bootcamp in South Dublin is one of the latest workout trends. Everyone is getting hooked on this total body workout that combines cardiovascular, strength and core training into one rigorous, kick-butt hour of conditioning. Fitness bootcamps use what is called “interval training” to burn more calories, producing transformative results. Interval training involves alternating periods of high intensity, followed by periods of active recovery, which studies show is much more effective than working out at a constant pace. It’s not unusual for participants of bootcamp to shed 8-10 pounds of fat in their first month of the programme.

What people like about bootcamp in South Dublin is that the exercises are very easy to follow. There are no complex dance steps or combinations. All the exercises use multiple major muscle groups, rather than isolating a few muscles at a time. Squats, lunges, jumping rope, sit-ups and push-ups are commonly added to the fitness routines. Some classes use props like obstacle courses, ropes, medicine balls, kettle bells, balance balls or tires. Running in place and jumping jacks are used to bring the heart rate up, while walking in place or stretching bring the heart rate back down again. As a result, the muscles become toned, more calories are burned, one’s natural fat-burning engine gets revved up and it is easier to sculpt the body.

Bootcamp in South Dublin may have been inspired by military-style workouts, but participants are – by no means – verbally abused or “broken down” to be rebuilt later. And there are no military uniforms or harsh trainers barking out orders. Instead, the group atmosphere is very supportive and positive. In many ways, a Dublin bootcamp is like a social club, with the same people getting together three times a week for the duration of the programme. It’s no surprise that many people wish to continue with their workouts after the initial programme wraps up. Through regular physical activity in a structured programme (typically one-hour sessions, three days a week), people are able to make physical activity a priority and a habit.

A South Dublin bootcamp workout can be modified, depending on one’s fitness level. Instructors explain different modifications to make each exercise easier or harder, so bootcamp participants can go at their own pace. Often, a bootcamp in South Dublin will also offer nutrition counseling for all new members, so individuals interested in weight loss will have a guide to getting the best possible results.